How do I receive the audio clips?

Once the phone is returned, the audio clips will be tranfered to a USB drive for you.

how long do the phones stay charged?

The phones last 8 hours on a full charge.

How do I recieve the phone?

The phone will be delivered to your event a day prior to the event. If you are not local, or close to the Knoxville area, we can ship the phone free of charge with a return label to return it.

Do instructions come with the phone for the guests to read to help them use the phone?

Yes! You will receive a printable PDF customized just for your event with instructions!

Do the phones need to be connected to WiFi or to an power source?

Nope!  The phones are rechargablke and do not equire internet. THe phones can be used up to 8 hours on a full charge!